Welcome To OneBlood.org

Welcome to the new OneBlood website! We are excited to share with you our new cutting-edge, video-driven, socially-connected website. We hope you will take a look around and check-out all the new features.

OneBlood was created when three of Florida’s independent, not-for-profit blood centers, Community Blood Centers of Florida (CBCF), Florida’s Blood Centers (FBC) and Florida Blood Services (FBS) decided to merge. The merger was completed on January 27, 2012 and since then we have been busy integrating the three blood centers into one.

Attention All Donors!
We couldn’t wait any longer to show you our new website–even though parts of our site are still under construction.

One of the features donors like the most is to be able to check their donation history, view their cholesterol results and make an appointment right from the website. These features are not currently active on OneBlood.org but we promise you, they are coming soon!

The good news is you can still access all of that information by simply clicking on the image of the blood center you currently donate with and you will be able to find your information.

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Thank you for visiting OneBlood.org.