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Ebola Update October 17, 2014

The safety of the blood supply is our top priority. 

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OneBlood Awards OCPD For Lifesaving Service September 25, 2014

OCPD saves lives on and off the streets. 

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Increased Need for O+ and O- Donations August 13, 2014

Many people go on vacation during the summer which makes blood donations more challenging. Yet, for patients in hospitals the need for blood is constant. 

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City of Pompano Beach Wins Humanitarian Award for Blood Drives June 25, 2014

The City of Pompano has won the prestigious Outstanding Humanitarian Award from America’s Blood Centers (ABC), a consortium of blood centers nationwide. The award, which is given to one organization annually by ABC, is given to an organization that has innovative ways to hold the blood drive and recruit blood donors.

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Baby Emily is Going Home May 2, 2014

After more than three months in the hospital baby Emily Rivera is finally going home.

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OneBlood launches innovative new training centers April 15, 2014

OneBlood's new state-of-the-art training centers were featured in the America's Blood Center's Newsletter.

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