How To Target Type AB-

ABneg March 7, 2014
AB- is the rarest of all the blood types with only 1% of the population sharing this special power. Donors who are AB- are the universal platelet and plasma donor because these components can be transfused into any patient, regardless of the recipient’s blood type.

To maximize your true lifesaving power, AB- donors are strongly encouraged to donate platelets and plasma through an automated process known as apheresis.

% of Population:


Blood Types You Can Receive:

AB-, A-, B-,


Patients Who Can Receive Your Red Cells:

AB+, AB-

Patients Who Can Receive Your Platelets:


Patients Who Can Receive Your Plasma:



Maximize Your Donation Power

Be A Platelet and Plasma Donor*

As an AB- donor, it is your platelets and plasma that hold the most power. You should consider giving an automated platelet and plasma donation to maximize your lifesaving gift. This type of donation is known as an apheresis donation and allows us to collect only your platelets and plasma and not your red blood cells. The best days to donate platelets are Friday through Monday to meet hospital needs.

*You can donate platelets and plasma in donor centers and on select mobiles. Appointments are recommended.

Find your nearest donor center and make an appointment to donate today.