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African American Donors

Sickle Cell Awareness December 31, 2013

 See how blood donors help those suffering with Sickle Cell. View more OneBlood video stories here.

African-American blood donors hold the power to save other African-American’s in need of a blood transfusion. That’s because donors with genetically-similar blood are more likely to be a match for patients from the same ethnic background.

When it comes to blood donations, researchers have found that African-Americans are under-represented among donors, and that minority donors in general are less likely to become regular donors.

Why should African-Americans donate blood?
Increasing African-American donations is vital because blood types O and B, the blood types of about 70 percent of African-Americans, are also the blood types most in demand.

Genetically-similar blood is preferred for those who need repeated blood transfusions, and for conditions like sickle cell disease (SCD), which primarily affects African-Americans. Blood that closely matches that of a patient is less likely to be rejected by the patient and can mean fewer complications after a transfusion.

African-American blood donors are more likely to be a match for the majority of individuals with SCD in the United States, making them ideal donors to help SCD patients receiving regular blood transfusions.

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Blood Donor Basics

Blood Donor Basics

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Donation Methods

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