Major Milestone for Zainab

Child with Extremely Rare Blood is on the Road to Recovery

OneBlood is thankful and grateful for the collective efforts of blood donors, the American Rare Donor Program and their international colleagues, blood centers in the United States, Canada and around the world, as well as the news media. The relentless help displayed by everyone to find donors for Zainab has been amazing and we thank you. It takes a team of people to save a person’s life, but for Zainab it has been a worldwide effort.

To be a possible match, you must meet the following criteria.

Donors must meet the following criteria to be a potential match for Zainab:

  • MUST be exclusively Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent – meaning the donor’s birth parents are both 100% Pakistani, Indian or Iranian
  • MUST be blood type “O” or “A”
  • All donations for Zainab must be coordinated in advance to ensure the additional compatibility testing is performed.

zainab thank yoy

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