Born To Be Awesome!

Platelets are the tiny cells in your blood that help form clots and stop bleeding. They may be tiny, but they are powerful. Due to the harsh effects of chemotherapy, the number one recipients of platelets are cancer patients. You were born to be awesome and help cancer patients in need. 

Check out our exclusive platelet programs below. And thank you for being awesome! 

Platelet Rewards Program | Collectible T-Shirts | Platelet Appreciation Events



Platelet Rewards Program

Be Awesome! Help Save Lives in 2020 by joining the OneBlood platelet rewards program to make an impact in your community. Earn up to $80 each quarter by donating platelets up to 6 times in 3 months.

Here Is How To Be Awesome:
With your first lifesaving platelet donation your rewards begin to build. Keep donating to earn more. And it pays to keep going...there are additional bonuses once you reach your 3rd and 6th donation. 

The more you give...the more patients you help...the more you earn!

Collectible T-Shirts For You!

Collect all six of these cool, retro styled t-shirts when you donate platelets during select months! Every other month a new shirt will be released so you can have six styles to tell the world how awesome you really are. Want to find out more? Just click the live chat button below.


Platelet Appreciation Events

Thank you for being such a loyal platelet donor. You truly have changed the life of a patient in need. We want to thank you for your dedication to saving lives so we've created appreciation events just for our platelet donors. Come out and be recognized for your life saving efforts. Check out when the next appreciation event is in your area.

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