Hurricane Dorian

Be prepared. Donate Blood!

To ensure a ready blood supply locally, OneBlood is encouraging all eligible donors to please donate.  There is an increased need for Platelets, O negative and O positive blood.

To make an appointment and find a complete listing of donor centers and mobile drives click here.

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OneBlood Closures

As we prepare for Hurricane Dorian, please be advised of the following OneBlood closures. Please check back for updated information (last updated on 06/03/2022):

The following locations will be closed through Friday: 

  • Beaufort County, South Carolina: Donor center and all mobile drives 

Please consider donating prior to the storm in an effort to help ensure an adequate supply is available during and immediately after the storm.

Tracking Dorian - Tuesday, September 3 - OneBlood updates

We are all hands on deck here at OneBlood as we track Hurricane Dorian. It is approaching Florida and now is the time to be preparing, including donating blood.

Watch our latest update and stay informed on our closures

Donate Blood today to prepare for Hurricane Dorian!

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