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Carlos: COVID-19 Survivor and Convalescent Plasma Donor

OneBlood December 15, 2020

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Carlos is a father, husband and President of CDR Maguire. Earlier this year he battled COVID-19 and during his treatment, he received convalescent plasma. He submitted his story to share about the ongoing need for COVID-19 survivors to give convalescent plasma.  

My story begins like many during the COVID-19 pandemic. I woke up Father’s Day weekend with a little cough. Throughout the weekend I developed a mild fever, was tired, etc., but nothing more than a typical cold.

I had self-quarantined that Sunday, Father’s Day. By Monday, June 22nd, I was feeling fine and took a COVID-19 test. Results, which came back later that week, came back Positive. I was having slight fevers during the week, but overall felt pretty good.

 I thought I had beat it. But, towards the end of the week, I started noticing that my blood oxygen level had been slowly dropping.

By Sunday, I saw my doctor. On Monday, June 29th, I went to the ER because my blood oxygen level was 90 and I was having trouble breathing. After treatment was unsuccessful, I was admitted into Baptist West Kendall Hospital.

Throughout the night, my stats continued to decrease, I was given an oxygen mask and moved into a room. That would change within an hour. I was moved, again, to a higher level step-down intensive care unit with complications from COVID-19.

After months of being on the frontlines of the pandemic, the virus had finally caught up with me. My situation continued to worsen and at this point, I had been put on a high-volume oxygen respirator.

The Doctors asked if I would be open to receiving convalescent plasma as a treatment, and without hesitation, I decided to give it a try.

On Wednesday, July 1st, at 1:00 am, I was lucky enough to begin my convalescent plasma treatment. The doctor told me I was very lucky because the supplies were extremely limited. Throughout the week, my inflammatory markers continued to get worse, but by Saturday morning my condition began to turn around.

I have no doubt, that without the convalescent plasma I would have ended up intubated, or worse, that 4th of July weekend.

I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, technicians, and administrative staff that took care of me. I am also truly indebted to OneBlood, an organization that made this life-saving treatment available to me.

I have a 3-year old daughter and a 2-year old son, and one incredible wife who fought with me every moment of the way. My gratitude knows no bounds that I can live to see another day and continue our work in helping our state and community through this pandemic.

Give others this hope. I implore everyone to contact to find out more about donating blood/plasma, as it will save lives and reduce the suffering of those battling COVID19.

If you have recovered from COVID-19 and are interested in donating convalescent plasma, please click here to learn more. 

Do you have a donor story you would like to share? Please submit your story here.

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