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Hispanic Heritage Month - Interview With Juan Camilo

Alondra Montelongo October 06, 2020

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15, we celebrate the contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans and their beautiful, rich heritages rooted in Latin American countries. 
Their influence and cultures have positively impacted American society. One of the many ways they have done so is through the power of blood donations. Nearly 60 percent of the Hispanic population has Type O blood, which is most frequently requested by hospitals to treat a range of patients from trauma victims to premature babies.

Meet Juan-Camiloalt text
Recently, we spoke with Juan-Camilo, an influential Hispanic leader in South Florida and OneBlood Hero. Juan-Camilo is the founder of JCT4Education, an independent educational counseling and planning service to help students and families make sound academic choices. Through this program, he assisted thousands of students all over the world in reaching their academic goals – from building high school curriculums to guiding students through the college application process. For years now, he has also rolled up his sleeve to help save lives and raise awareness on the importance of blood donations.  

What’s your “WHY” for donating blood?
My why for donating blood is very simple. Helping humankind. Helping others help me to be a better citizen.

How has donating blood impacted your life?
The answer is very simple: Personal growth. It’s a call for civility and to help others. 

What has your donation experience been like with OneBlood?
I have been to three different OneBlood locations in South Florida. I find the staff very professional, friendly, and caring. I absolutely recommend you guys anytime, any date. Your professionalism is above and extraordinary. 

What words of encouragement would you give to donors in the Hispanic Community?
I would like to tell my Hispanic community to first consult with your doctor to see whether or not you’re eligible to donate blood. Once you get the green light, go to the closest OneBlood location and they will let you know the procedures and give you educational material. I find my body feeling amazing, usually 3-4 days after donating blood. I feel lighter. I feel that my body is rejuvenating. But I also feel that I’m helping other fellow citizens and friends from my neighborhood, from my community and around the country. alt text

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?
To be quite honest, we celebrate this every day of our lives. Just to be alive is a blessing.  

Thank you, Juan-Camilo, for being a hero and an inspiration in the Latino community! To learn more about his blood donation journey, follow him on:
Instagram @JuanKTamayo
Twitter @JuanKTamayo

Your blood donation makes a BIG difference. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by helping patients in Latino communities who need blood transfusions. Find a location near you!    

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