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iHeart's Gina Ulmos

Heather Georgoudiou August 25, 2020

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Gina describes herself as a "fun, creative, and positive Mexican girl." As a Radio Host for Tu94.9 in Miami, Gina is passionate about the entertainment business, social media pop culture, and good authors. Another one of her passions is living a healthy and positive life.

As part of her positive lifestyle, Gina is a committed blood donor. She makes giving back to her community and saving lives a habit. We recently caught up with Gina to find out why she's passionate about giving blood. 

What inspired you to become a blood donor?alt text
 At the beginning, my thought was that I had to face my fears.

I don’t like needles, nobody likes needles, so one day as I was walking to the supermarket and this lady asked me if I wanted to donate blood… I took a deep breath and I said yes.

I thought about all those kids in hospitals waiting for a transfusion or their own type of blood. Once I had the needle inside everything was smooth. I’ve done it about 15 times already. 

 Did you feel safe while donating and why?   
 I felt very safe. Everybody is professional and careful at the same time.

 How has donating blood impacted your life?  
 I always think that someone is getting better, that someone is recovering. I feel proud of myself. 

 What would you say to your listeners or someone who has never given blood before?alt text
 I would say to the listeners, don’t be afraid, it’s not painful, it’s safe and overall you have to see it as a privilege to be able to donate your blood and save someone’s life

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Blood donations from people in the Hispanic community are vital to helping many patients in area hospitals. Hispanics are the fastest-growing part of the United States population, yet only a small percentage of Hispanics donate blood. Learn how giving blood can potentially help save the life of a relative or friend in the Hispanic community and what some of the common myths are about donating. 

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Heather Georgoudiou

Heather Georgoudiou is OneBlood’s Digital Marketing Manager. She is a social media strategist and content creator with a passion for saving lives through the power of digital communications. 

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