Blood Donors are First Responders

OneBlood February 23, 2016

Who do you think of when hear someone say “first responders”? Most of us think of police officers and firefighters. But what about blood donors? We usually don’t think of donors because their help isn’t given at the scene of the emergency. It’s give on a bloodmobile or in a donor center. And the most critical donations are those given before the accident or emergency even happens.

We don’t want to think about our friends, family or community being involved in a crisis, but these things happen every day. And every day someone needs blood. For these people, blood donors are not only lifesavers, they are the lifesavers who took action before the crisis struck.

People are caring and generous and when the country needs donations because of an emergency, donors turn out in the thousands. Those donations help replenish the blood supply that’s used during the crisis, but to ensure we have blood for accident victims, surgery patients, trauma victims and others, we depend on donors every day. 

The next time you see the Big Red Bus in your area, take time to step onboard and offer to donate. Or make an appointment for a donation at a blood drive near you or in one of our donor centers. Most donations are needed and used within a few days and your donation can and will save lives.

Want to know more about the power of your blood? Visit our Target Your Type page to learn the about the power of your blood type. 

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