High School Students Give Back

Aug 8, 2018

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High School Students Give Back

High school students play a major role in their community by donating blood. Students can start donating at 16 the same time they can get their license and begin a lifelong habit of saving lives. Each year high school students all over the country organize blood drive committee’s and help plan school blood drives.

Blood drive committee member and student, Collin Stewart, says, “It’s a great way to help out people in the community, because it really is community service.”

Students, teachers and faculty team up on the Big Red Bus to give whole blood and double red cell donations. Student and blood donor, Jina Chanda, says “Everybody knows somebody who has had cancer or has been sick and you just think you would want someone to donate blood for you.”

Many donors who have reached 100 gallon milestones began giving in high school or college. Orlando Police Officer and longtime donor, Lindsey, began donating at 17 when the Big Red Bus stopped by her high school. She says, “Honestly, to me, being a first responder is very similar to be a blood donor. Both are heroes in their own light.”

As a new school year begins, high school and college students will see the Big Red Buses roll onto their campus. Each blood drive gives the students a convenient way to give blood and save lives in their community.

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive at your school, religious organization or community group, we’re here to help. Check out how you can get started on planning a community blood drive.


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