You could now receive an anonymous message from the patient who received your donation through our Message My Donor Program. Although not every patient will choose to send a message, all you have to do is donate to potentially receive one of these heartfelt messages.

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How Does the Message My Donor Program Work?

This program is an anonymous program! Donors will receive an email from OneBlood with the patient message inside the email.

Blood Units arrive at local hospitals with Message My Donor tags attached.

Patients visit the Message My Donor website to send a message to their blood donor.

The connection is made and the message typed by the patient is sent to the blood donor

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Message My Donor FAQ's

Message My Donor is a groundbreaking program that enables blood recipients to send a thank you message directly to the OneBlood donor(s) who helped save their life. 

  • Blood products will arrive at hospitals with Message My Donor tags attached to each unit. The blood unit number will be printed on the Message My Donor tag.
  • The patient or a family member simply takes the tag off the bag and can take it home with them.
  • At their convenience, the patient or family member can visit the Message My Donor website, enter the blood donor number and type in a message to their donor(s).

No. A submission of a message through the Message My Donor website does not require or ask for any information that would identify the patient, their treatment or the hospital they received the blood product(s) from. 

No. Due to the anonymous nature of Message My Donor, the blood donor receiving the message can not send a message back to the patient.

Message My Donor does not require any personal information from the patient in order to receive and transfer their message to the donor.  Before a Message My Donor submission can be sent to the donor, designated OneBlood team members will review each message to ensure the message remains anonymous and does not contain information that could identify any of the involved parties.

No. Not every donor will receive a message each time they donate. The program is optional for patients so not every patient will send a message.

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