The Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) Program is a 12-month on-line/distance professional development program beginning the first full week in April.  The program includes on-line didactics, professional development tasks and clinical/administration/technical practicum requirements that may be completed in the student's location. Clinical practicums must be scheduled by each participant at approved facilities. These may include blood centers, hospital blood banks and transfusion services, or other esoteric laboratories.

The SBB program provides comprehensive and in-depth training in all aspects of blood banking, blood collection, product manufacturing, immunohematology, specialized serology, molecular testing, transfusion medicine practice, quality systems, process control, education and research, leadership, and management. It is designed to prepare individuals to become transfusion medicine specialists.  Graduates of the program are awarded a certificate of completion and are eligible to take the ASCP Board of Registry examination for SBB certification.

Each year, the application process is opened November 1-December 31, qualified candidates are interviewed during January, notifications are completed by the end of February, and classes begin the first full week of April. 

Students must have an approved mentor to apply. For requirements: OneBlood Designation and Approval of SBB Student Mentors.

For the requirements to apply, refer to   OneBlood SBB Admission Requirements. Students accepted to the SBB program are required to attend orientation conducted the first week of class in St. Petersburg, FL. Students are solely responsible for all travel expenses.

Deadline for Application Materials December 31:

The application fee to the SBB Program is $50 due by the application deadline and nonrefundable. Tuition is $5,000 and due one week before the start of class, unless otherwise designated.


Application fees associated with the BBT and SBB program should be paid by check or money order and mailed by the designated deadline to:

OneBlood, Inc.
Attn. Accounts Receivable
8669 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819

Please note in the "For:" section of the check (bottom left corner), or on the money order, "App Fee for {BBT or SBB} program," as applicable.

NOTE: Clinical practicum experiences are mandatory for both the BBT and SBB programs. Students are solely responsible for all travel expenses associated with completing these requirements. 

NOTE: Fees are subject to change periodically. Please contact the Program Director or email MTEducation@oneblood.org for current program fees, deadlines, or other information.

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