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Sharing diverse, remarkable, and inspiring real-life stories is what the I am OneBlood movement is all about.

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Host a Blood Drive

Become an agent of change and host a blood drive.

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Our Service Area

We are committed to saving lives in your community.

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Earn Rewards

You get rewarded every time you donate with OneBlood.

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Maximize Your Impact by Targeting Your Type

There are eight different blood types and each one holds a unique power to save lives. OneBlood’s exclusive Target Your Type® program shows donors how to give the most needed components of their blood by targeting how they donate.

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Unlock the Power of Your Blood Type

Your blood type is inherited. Everyone’s blood type falls into one of eight types. There are very specific ways in which blood types and blood components must be matched for a safe transfusion. This is why it is important that you Target Your Type® with the best donation method for you.

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Making an Impact

Unlock the power of your blood type and save more lives.


“Platelet donors helped me deliver my baby at only 29 weeks and saved my life. “

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Learn About Donation Procedures

There’s more than one way to give blood. Let your blood type lead the way in targeting the best way for you to donate your powerful lifesaving gift.

Whole Blood

This is our most common procedure, drawing a pint of blood containing all blood components at one time.

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Double Red Cell

During a double red blood cell donation, we only collect your red blood cells, excluding the platelets and plasma.

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During a platelet donation, we only collect your platelets, returning the rest of the blood components.