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How To Target Your Type AB-Positive

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You Have the Power To Save Lives

Only 3% of the population has AB+ blood, making it one of the rarest blood types. Donors who are AB+ are the universal plasma donor because this component can be transfused into any patient, regardless of the recipient’s blood type.

Your platelets and plasma are the most powerful parts of your AB+ blood. Platelets can be donated as often as every seven days, recommended every 14 days, and up to 24 times a year. Platelets are in high demand by hospitals and help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

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Maximize Your
Donation Power

The most powerful part of AB+ blood can be found in the platelets, which is our recommended donation procedure:

Fast Facts:

To maximize your true lifesaving power, AB+ blood donors are strongly encouraged to donate platelets.

3% of the population shares your blood type.

You can receive blood transfusions from ALL blood types.

People with blood type AB+ can receive your
red blood cells.

People with blood types AB+, O+, A+, or B+ can receive your platelets.

People with ANY blood type can receive your plasma.

Making an Impact

Unlock the power of your blood type and save more lives.

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Learn About Donation Procedures

There’s more than one way to give blood. Let your blood type lead the way in targeting the best way for you to donate your powerful lifesaving gift.

Whole Blood

This is our most common procedure, drawing a pint of blood containing all blood components at one time.

Blood 101

Double Red Cell

During a double red blood cell donation, we only collect your red blood cells, excluding the platelets and plasma.

Blood Drive


During a platelet donation, we only collect your platelets, returning the rest of the blood components.