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Double Red Cell Donation

Double Red Cells

When donating double red blood cells we only collect your red blood cells and not your platelets or plasma. This type of donation is done using a process called automation (sometimes referred to as apheresis).

Automated technology allows donors to give twice the amount of their red cells than compared to a whole blood donation.  Automation enables us to collect only the most needed component(s) of the donor’s blood.   Red blood cells are the most transfused blood product. People with O type blood and those with certain Rh negative blood types are encouraged to donate double red blood cells because it is their red cells that are in the highest demand by the hospitals. 

  • People with the following blood types should consider donating Double Red Blood Cells:
  • Who is eligible to donate double red blood cells?

    Donors must meet certain requirements to donate double red blood cells:

    • Males

      Must weigh at least 130 pounds and be 5’1” or taller.

    • Females

      Must weigh at least 150 pounds and be 5’5” or taller. (Yes, this is correct. Requirements are based on blood volume, which is typically lower in females than in males.)

  • How often can I donate double red cells?

    Every 112 days for a total of 3 donations a year.

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Blood Donor Basics

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Donation Methods

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Donation Methods

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