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5 Easy Health Tips for Men

Sara Martinez
June 20, 2023

Keeping up with your health can feel like a chore. One that easily gets put on the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be. In honor of Men’s Health Month, here are some simple tips you (or the men in your life) can turn into habits for better health.

Man meeting with his doctor for his annual physical

${1} Visit Your Primary Doctor Every Year

Don’t skip it! It only takes about 30 minutes and it could save your life. Seeing your doctor once a year puts you in control of your health. 

Regular checkups catch many health issues early, before they become bigger problems. Screenings include prostate health, cholesterol, glucose, and more. Annual visits could even help you save money in the long run by avoiding those costly ER trips.

${2} Limit Alcohol and Drink Water

Alcohol use has been linked to many health risks. These risks increase with the amount of alcohol you consume. If you plan to drink, aim for two drinks or less in one day. 

Pair that with drinking plenty of water. Drinking 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water a day is a good rule of thumb. However, keep in mind that you might need more or less depending on your overall health, how active you are, and environmental factors.

${3} Remember Your Mental Health

Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. It might not be easy to talk about, but bottling it up can lead to bigger issues. 

The first step to caring for your mental health can be as simple as getting enough sleep, being active, or spending time with friends. Consider finding a regular professional to speak with, even via telehealth.

${4} Donate Blood Regularly

Donating blood is an easy, quick way to care for your health. Some studies have shown that men who donate at least three times a year can drastically reduce their risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Men tend to store more iron in their bodies than women. This can increase the risk of illnesses like diabetes or other life-threatening conditions. Regular blood donations help balance your iron levels.

You also get a free wellness checkup every time you donate. It includes blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count, and cholesterol screening. Used in combination with your regular doctor’s visit (see Tip #1 above!), this checkup can even help save your life. Make donating blood part of your health routine. Schedule an appointment now.

Man taking care of his health by jogging outside through a park

${5} Move More, Sit Less

You have probably heard it time and time again, but getting enough exercise will always be a key part of your good health. If you can’t make it to the gym or out on the field, try incorporating moderate activity wherever you can. 

Take a walk every day before heading to work or even during your lunch break. Work up a sweat and get that yard work done. Play with the kids or grandkids. Any physical activity is better than none!

Make these tips part of your daily habits for a healthier, happier you. Now and for the long-run. And remember: men’s health is not just a man’s issue. Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters—share these tips with the men in your lives.

Sara Martinez, OneBlood Digital Marketing Specialist

Sara Martinez

Sara Martinez is a Digital Marketing Specialist at OneBlood. From creating strategic online campaigns to writing engaging stories, she is passionate about raising awareness to inspire others and helping make a difference in our community. #ShareYourPower

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