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OneBlood Donor Portal Now Includes Iron Results

Heather Georgoudiou
February 10, 2020

The OneBlood Donor Portal is packed with new features to make it easier to track your giving and meet your blood donation goals.

The new iron level feature was highly requested by donors. Now you can track your pre-donation iron level each time you donate.

Have you ever had to delay donating because of low iron levels? You are not alone. One of the top reasons people are deferred from giving blood is due to low iron levels.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires women to have a hemoglobin level of 12.5 and men a level of 13.0 to donate blood. Each donor has their hemoglobin levels tested before their donation. This is to ensure that your iron is at a high enough level for a blood donation.

Your iron levels can fluctuate daily. So it’s a good idea to boost your iron levels through iron-rich foods before you donate blood or platelets.

After your donation, you can access your health and wellness pre-donation check-up results which include your level through the donor portal. These results will show up about 48-72 hours after donation.

Other cool perks in the OneBlood Donor Portal include

  • Access your blood type
  • Track your Hero In You In 2022 Challenges
  • Redeem your blood donor rewards

You can access the donor portal through the Donor Login tab on the website.

In 2022, the more you donate, the more you earn, and most importantly, the more lives you save. Make an appointment to start your Hero In You 2022 Challenge. 

Heather Georgoudiou OneBlood Digital Marketing Manager outdoor

Heather Georgoudiou

Heather Georgoudiou is OneBlood’s Digital Marketing Manager. She is a social media strategist and content creator with a passion for saving lives through the power of digital communications. 

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