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January Is National Blood Donor Month

Lauren Frame
January 03, 2020

Get your 2020 started off on the right foot by celebrating National Blood Donor Month with OneBlood!

National Blood Donor Month has been observed since January 1970. Because winter is one of the most difficult times of year for blood donation – holiday travel, flu, inclement weather – this is the perfect time to celebrate those who give, as well as encourage those who haven’t yet.

January is National Blood Donor Month graphic stating ‘I commit to donate in 2020.’

How you can observe National Blood Donor Month

You can observe National Blood Donor Month in one (or more) of these quick, easy ways. They won’t cost you anything but a little of your time.

${1} Donate Blood. 

Whether you’re giving blood for the first time or the 50th, you can make a difference in the lives of others. Donating blood only takes about an hour, but it can mean a lifetime for those in need. You can make your donation experience even more enjoyable by bringing a friend or family member to give, too! Or, if a little more “Me Time” is on your list for 2020, come alone and bring a book!

${2} Host a Blood Drive.

By hosting a blood drive, you can exponentially increase your impact. Encourage just 10 people to give, and you can help save up to 30 lives. Get your neighborhood, office, or club involved and you can celebrate National Blood Donor Month together! It’s a great way to spend more time with people you care about while also giving back to your community.

${3} Spread the Word.

If you’re not eligible to donate this month, you can still help get the word out to those who are. Share OneBlood’s social media posts with your friends and family, and when you do come out to donate, share your own experience online.

Have you or a loved one received blood? Share your story! You can encourage others to give and send a shoutout to those who have stepped up. Increasing awareness about the vital importance of blood donors is crucial to meeting patient needs, and it’s a perfectly acceptable reason to break that “No Social Media” resolution.

Lauren Frame, OneBlood Graphic Designer

Lauren Frame

Lauren Frame is a Graphic Designer at OneBlood. She has a passion for motivating and educating blood donors through storytelling.

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