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Medical Lab Professionals Week

Lauren Frame
April 21, 2020

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, now in its 44th year, provides the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation for our OneBlood laboratory personnel and give our community a closer look at those behind the scenes.

According to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, there are about 300,000 practitioners of clinical laboratory science in the U.S. As one of the largest industries in the country, this group plays a vital role in our nation’s health care.

There are many facets to the OneBlood laboratory team, and each group is crucial to our daily operations and ensuring we meet the needs of our area’s patients. From Biologics Manufacturing to the Immunohematology Reference Laboratory, each team member contributes to our lifesaving mission.

When asked what drew her team to the job, Lavanh Phommasing, Biologics Manager West, had this to say:

“We all love that we impact someone in the community in a positive way. Whether we are having a good day or bad, overworked or slow, we are helping our community. They feel pride when they put on their scrubs and walk into the building to see what waits for them. Very recently, OneBlood started collecting convalescent plasma to be transfused to patients with COVID-19. The team has a hand in processing those units and they are all very excited to be a part of a team that is changing the world and its outcome, especially during this time of crisis.”

Lab Employees Looking at a test tube

The laboratory team in Charlotte shared these sentiments:

“Knowing that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life, and working with others that have the same vision. We have the opportunity to positively impact patients, their families and our community.” – Shatricia Blocker, Manufacturing Manager, Charlotte, NC

“To give hope to those that need it is the mission because hope is stronger than fear. By working together as one team to give lifesaving blood to patients is how we help our community heal and flourish.” – Natalie Arredondo, Laboratory Technician, Biologics IRL, Charlotte, NC

"I am honored to be part of the Biologics Assistants working for such a great company like OneBlood. I know that I am actively saving lives from behind the scenes.” – Natasha Salley, Biologics Assistant II, Charlotte, NC

We are all honored to work with the incredibly intelligent, talented and dedicated men and women in our OneBlood laboratories. The importance of the work they do is not lost on their OneBlood teammates. Please join us in celebrating these fine people not just this week, but every day of the year. #Lab4Life


Lauren Frame

Lauren Frame is a Graphic Designer at OneBlood. She has a passion for motivating and educating blood donors through storytelling.

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