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OneBlood Celebrates Canine Heroes During National Dog Month

Alondra Montelongo
August 17, 2022

This month we celebrate the fur babies who make the world a better and happier place, one wag at a time, our beloved dogs.

National Dog Month was founded by Milk-Bone in 2020. With the help of over 10,000 dog lovers, Milk-Bone convinced The Registrar at National Day to proclaim that National Dog Day be observed every year in August. Go, Dogs!

To celebrate our best buds, we are showering them with treats, pets, and a special spotlight on how they serve communities around the world. Here are three ways they make the world a better place:


Dogs to the Rescue

Search and rescue dogs are the “first responders” of the canine world. These brave and talented dogs work with law enforcement and rescue teams to assist humans during challenging times. With their great sense of smell and sight, they perform many important search jobs in the community.

Here are a few examples:

  • Finding missing people
  • Locating people trapped in debris after natural disasters
  • Water search or recovery
  • Drug Detection

Search and rescue dogs provide an invaluable service to societies around the world. Their sacrifice and hard work make rescue missions possible. We are thankful for canine heroes!

Service Dogs

According to the American Kennel Club, “a service dog is a dog specifically trained to perform work for a person with a disability.” A disability is considered a physical or mental ailment that significantly impairs a person’s ability to function in society.

A service animal assists an individual when they’re unable to do a task or activity on their own. A guide dog, for instance, is trained to lead their visually impaired handler around obstacles.

Another great example of a service animal would be a mobility dog. These amazing canines are a brace for people who suffer from balance or strength issues. They also help retrieve out-of-reach items.

Psychiatric service dogs also serve a large group of people who live with mental illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. They help reduce stress by interrupting behaviors or alerting their owner of an oncoming panic attack.

All in all, service dogs perform important jobs every single day. Their service helps improve the livelihood of over 80 million people in the U.S., and millions more around the world. 

Sadie, German Shepherd

Doggy Donors

Did you know the first successful blood transfusion was from dog to dog? For reference, this procedure took place in 1665. It wasn’t until 153 years later that the first human-to-human blood transfusion was performed.

To the surprise of many, dogs can donate blood present day. There is a critical need for pet blood donations due to a shortage of eligible donors. Pets require blood transfusions for similar reasons that humans do, here are a few examples of why dogs would need a transfusion:

  • Severe trauma
  • Blood clotting or bleeding disorders
  • Cancer treatments
  • Blood loss during surgery

Although OneBlood does not collect dog blood donations, there are dog blood banks and blood donor programs that exist throughout the nation. Here is a list of animal blood banks in our service area:

We encourage you to celebrate National Dog Month by saving lives with your pal! Find out if your dog is eligible to donate blood at a location listed above. Then, make a pit stop at a OneBlood location near you and save *hooman* lives in your community!

Disclaimer: Only service animals are allowed in OneBlood Donor Centers and Big Red Busses. But we’re be happy to see your pets through pictures!

Bonus: A human’s best friend

We couldn’t possibly leave out the most impactful way dogs benefit our society: Companionship!

Dogs are a human’s best friend. From endless kisses to wagging tails to wet nose boops, the relationship between an owner and a dog is unparalleled. We rely on them just as much as they rely on us. This quote by John Grogan says it best:

"A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his."

For this and more, we celebrate our faithful, loving friends! Happy National Dog Month. 

Want to learn more about OneBlood? Click here to get started.

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Alondra Montelongo, Digital Marketing Analyst and Author

Alondra Montelongo

As a Digital Marketing Specialist at OneBlood, Alondra Montelongo is responsible for staying on top of the latest #socialtrends in the digital sphere and crafting messaging that inspires others to save lives.

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