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WiLD 94.1 Radio Host Orlando Davis Gives COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma

November 17, 2020

Call us up now. WiLD 94.1 Radio Host Orlando Davis is a voice greeting thousands of people every morning. "All right. It's time to head over to OneBlood right now so I can go donate plasma, as we all should be doing."

Radio Host Orlando Davis in the studio at WiLD 94.1

And now, Orlando Davis is taking his radio show on the road, sharing his journey.

"And if we've made it out of this whole craziness of COVID and ended up on the other side of being negative and having antibodies, it's kind of our responsibility to help other people."

That's why he's donating COVID-19 convalescent plasma after recovering from the coronavirus.

"And when I got that news, I had just finished my morning show. Immediately, the worst came to mind. I mean, having people get sick because of me was a fear."

But his fear turned into determination to help others. Fortunately, Orlando didn't suffer any symptoms and even did his radio show from home. During his downtime, He did a lot of research on COVID-19.

"I actually saw one of you guys' reports for OneBlood. I mean, it was talking about someone who was having dire health conditions and was in the hospital, and someone donated their plasma and the plasma brought them through."

Convalescent plasma has moved to the forefront in treating COVID-19 patients and is in great need by area hospitals.

The antibodies to the virus found in the plasma of recovered patients are helping those still fighting the virus. The team at OneBlood is working nonstop, collecting, testing, processing, and distributing the antibody-rich plasma to hospitals around the clock.

With the demand for convalescent plasma at an all-time high, Orlando plans on coming back in 28 days, the eligibility period to donate again.

WiLD 94.1 Radio Host Orlando Davis inside a OneBlood Big Red Bus with two phlebotomists holding his COVID-19 convalescent plasma donation

"Forty-five minutes at best that I was linked up to it. And I gave a bag of plasma, that took a bunch of pictures of, cause I'm like this thing right here is going to save somebody's life or at least put them in a space to be saved. I like that."

Orlando has never even donated blood before, but now thanks to his job, he has a large platform to spread this important message.

"Just help somebody else get through it. Alright, look for the Big Red Bus.

OneBlood team members have a good feeling Orlando will keep them busy.

"They have this thing where a first-time caller calls in and they say...First-time caller, first-time caller. So, because he was a first-time donor, we're going to say... First-time donor, first-time donor."

Orlando says, "so if I can do something like this to help the issue at hand and people needing convalescent plasma for, healing folks, then I'll take that."

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