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Sharing diverse, remarkable, inspiring real-life stories is what the I am OneBlood movement is all about. Help spread the word about the important role blood donations hold in our community.

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Pulse Survivors

Orlando, Florida

Blood donors saved our lives.

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Mike and Family

Mike and Family

Miramar, Florida

Blood donation is a family affair.

Mayor Cretekos

Mayor Cretekos

Clearwater, Florida

I've donated more than 50 gallons of blood.



Tallahassee, Florida

Blood donors helped my cancer treatment.


Every drop of blood is special and every story is different. In this section you’ll find a collection of videos that tell OneBlood’s story.

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Are you a blood donor? Know someone who is? Have you ever received blood or know someone whose life has been touched by blood donation? We want to hear your story. Help other people in your community understand the profound and immediate impact blood donation has.

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