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Greenacres, Florida

OneBlood saved my life. If I was not told about my cholesterol level, I would not have seen my doctor for my annual physical.

I have been donating platelets and blood at OneBlood for quite some time. During a donation, the OneBlood phlebotomist told me that my platelet bag did not look right and was very thick. She told me to check my results in a few days. After a week I got a letter from One Blood that my cholesterol was very high. I let this pass and figured I ate too much salmon the previous night prior to that donation. 

The following week I donated platelets and again the phlebotomist noticed that my platelets looked extremely thick. I was then told my cholesterol was over 400. I felt fine since I looked great and was thin and had a healthy appetite and always drank a lot of water. 

My gut told me to see my doctor and I made an appointment a few days after that donation. When I saw my doctor, the blood test revealed that I have diabetes. My doctor said he was surprised that I have not had a stroke or a heart attack! He also told me that diabetes is a silent killer, you may look thin and awesome and healthy but inside it is killing you slowly. 

OneBlood saved my life. If I was not told about my cholesterol level or how sticky my platelet bag was, I would not have seen my doctor for my annual physical. Now I am on a number of prescription medicines and my blood pressure and glucose levels are now normal and controlled. I want to thank the OneBlood team at my donor center for being kind, courteous and professional to me each and every time I donate platelets every couple weeks.

It thrills me to donate and save lives and I want to thank OneBlood for saving my life. I am a single father of two little girls and if it had not been for OneBlood looking out for me, I may have passed in just a matter of time leaving my two daughters alone. Thank you. 

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