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Cynthia, Kenny & Charlie


Saving lives has become a family affair for Cynthia and her sons, Charlie and Kenny.

Cynthia began donating blood while attending UCLA. It was an emotional experience for the college freshman. She had lost her mother, Achara, to acute lymphatic leukemia in 1980, and had seen first-hand the impact blood products have on those fighting cancer.

After that first donation, Cynthia became a regular blood and platelet donor, continuing to give over the years.

In April 2020, she had a proud mom moment when her sons joined her at the Orlando Main Donor Center to give blood alongside her.

That first donation led the two teenagers to become regular blood and platelet donors too, often joining their mom in the donor chairs at the center, or hopping on a Big Red Bus. Together, their donations have helped save more than 200 lives.

“I’m glad the boys have embraced the importance of donating as much as I do,” Cynthia said. “The three of us try to donate together whenever possible.”

Cynthia, Charlie and Kenny give blood because they understand the significance and want to help. Knowing their donation will enable patients in their community to have a better tomorrow only sweetens the experience.

“I love receiving the OneBlood updates when my blood donation has been matched up with a hospital patient,” Cynthia said.

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Blood Donor Basics

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Donation Methods

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