Sickle Cell

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A Sickle Cell Hero is a special blood donor that holds a unique power to help sickle cell patients. Sickle cell disease primarily affects African Americans and people of African ancestry. People with sickle cell disease require regular blood transfusions throughout their life. While a blood donor from any ethnicity can be a match, the best possible match for African Americans with sickle cell is for them to receive blood from African American donors or those of African ancestry. This is a prime example of why having a diverse blood supply is vital.

Are you a Sickle Cell Hero? 

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-Roman Harper, Former NFL Player, Regular Blood Donor, Sickle Cell Hero  

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Sickle Cell By The Numbers

Genetics play an important role in finding a match for Sickle Cell patients. Although donors of all blood types may be a match for sickle cell patients, type O donors are more frequent matches. 

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A Life Saved Through Blood Exchange

Antigens are Key for Sickle Cell Patients

Joseph's Mission to Create Awareness

Why Do Sickle Cell Patients Need Blood Donors?

Sickle cell is the most common inherited blood disease. It causes red blood cells to form abnormal crescent shapes that often get stuck together when traveling through the body, causing painful clots.

It is impossible to help sickle cell patients effectively manage their disease without the help of local donors like you. 

Because sickle cell patients often require multiple transfusions throughout their lifetime, the blood they receive must be more closely matched to prevent rejection. 

Blood Donation FAQs

Is it safe to donate blood?

Yes! Donating blood is incredibly safe. In fact, it’s safer than getting a scrape or a cut! The supplies used to collect your blood are sterile and only used once. You cannot get HIV or any other infectious diseases from donating blood.


Is it safe to receive blood?

Yes! Before blood is transfused to a patient, it is tested for many blood-borne illnesses, including HIV and Hepatitis. During testing, donated blood is also checked to determine blood type so OneBlood and the hospital will know which patients can receive that blood.


Can I donate if I have sickle cell trait?

Yes! Having sickle cell trait does not disqualify you from donating blood. You are still eligible to donate and help save local lives even if you have sickle cell trait.


Did you know you can help even more people by hosting a blood drive? 

By hosting a blood drive at your church, business or community organization, you dramatically increase the chance of finding donors to help meet the need.

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