A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Paul Ramey December 24, 2019

Ever have trouble finding the right gift for that special someone? Not so with blood donors — they know that every pint they give is the Gift of Life for someone who needs it.

Danny’s Story

When Danny was just 2 years old, his mom noticed some alarming developmental delays in her son’s speech and movement.

“He wasn’t walking or talking,” said his mom, Danielle. “He had issues with pronunciation. Everything just kind of sounded mumbled. And then I started noticing that his head was getting bumpy and lumpy and shaped almost like a football.”

Diagnosed as craniosynostosis, Danny required surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. And that required blood.

“Because of the blood donated prior to his surgery, he is alive,” Danielle said. “He’s able to live out his dreams. Blood donors saved my child.”

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Stephen and Michael’s Story

Stephen and Michael are identical twins, born premature at 25 weeks. Approximately 30 years ago, blood donations helped saved their lives. They spent more than 3 months in the NICU at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. Family, friends, and strangers came from states away to donate blood to help them survive. 
Without blood transfusions they would both not be here today. They have both been able to live a healthy life, graduate from college, begin careers, and start their own families.

“Since High School we donate whenever we can as a small attempt to give back when so much was given to us."

Check out the rest of Stephen and Michael’s Story HERE

Like presents under a Christmas Tree, countless other heartwarming blood recipient stories await you. Visit OneBlood’s I Am OneBlood testimonials page HERE to check out how your generous blood donation can be the perfect gift, and one that keeps on giving. 

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Paul Ramey

Paul Ramey is a Graphic Designer with OneBlood. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Paul is a published author (Edgar Wilde and the Lost Grimoire) as well as a musician (It All Flows Away). Paul is very proud to bring his creativity and marketing background to OneBlood’s lifesaving mission.

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