Kenny's Story: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donor Spotlight

OneBlood June 30, 2020

Kenny and Debbie were among the first people to be diagnosed with the coronavirus in Sumter County, Florida. Kenny won his battle with the virus, but his beloved wife Debbie did not. alt text

Just six days after she passed away, Kenny decided to turn his pain into purpose and he became a COVID-19 convalescent plasma donor

“It’s a war,” says Kenny. “I’ve got a lot invested in this and I paid a dear price.” 

Married for decades both Kenny and Debbie loved to travel. Their latest adventure was a cruise and when they returned home, both became ill and both tested positive for the coronavirus. 

“She started coughing, and then it became more of a prolonged cough. It’s almost like when she coughs it’s like she has a broken rib,” says Kenny. 

After a trip to the ER, Debbie was rushed to another hospital and Kenny could not see her.  As the virus took over, he delivered messages to Debbie through her nurse, “tell her that I love her and that this romance isn’t over and I will see her on the other side.”

Kenny’s mission is to help to get the word out about COVID-19 convalescent plasma donations and asks “everyone who is a survivor to step up.” 

Kenny turned his heartache into hope for patients who are battling the coronavirus. He says, “I’m happy I did this and we found a way to encourage other people and save lives, that’s the icing on the cake.”
Watch the video for the full story.

OneBlood is working closely with the Florida Department of Health to identify people who have recovered from coronavirus to be potential convalescent plasma donors. 

If you have recovered from COVID-19 or know someone who has please visit our convalescent plasma page for more information and facts on who is eligible to donate COVID-19 convalescent plasma

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