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Singer Charlyce Simmons Celebrates Blood Donors

OneBlood February 24, 2021

At the age of 3 Charlyce’s parents recognized her musical gifts. Charlyce actively sang throughout her childhood and as an adult has shared the stage with top-notch singers including Patti Labelle, Kim Burrell, Cece Teneal, and more. 

During high school, Charlyce was diagnosed with kidney failure and started receiving dialysis. A year after graduating she received a kidney transplant. During her treatment, she received several blood transfusions. alt text

Just months after her liver transplant she needed a total hip replacement due to the medications from her transplant surgery. She again received blood transfusions during her recovery to fight anemia. 

Then in 2009, she suffered a brain hemorrhage, per her artist’s bio at Charlyce music, she could not move the left side of her body and underwent physical therapy for almost a year to recover. 

Despite her health issues she continues to pursue her music career. She regularly performs and records with many artists. Today, Charlyce volunteers with Translife Organ Tissue Transplant Awareness Service and uses her story to show the impact of blood donations in her life and in the community.  

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Blood donations save lives each day. Please consider scheduling a time to donate to help save lives in your community. 

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