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Blood Donor Achieves Monumental Milestone

By Donating His 190th Gallon of Blood


Increased Need for O Negative, O Positive and Platelet Donations Following Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian moves away from Florida and towards the Carolinas, the majority of OneBlood’s service area is open.


Hurricane Dorian Update

OneBlood is ready to assist the Bahamas if needed.


Urgent Need for Blood Donations Before Hurricane Dorian Arrives

Help keep the blood supply prepared before the storm.


Major Milestone for Zainab

Child with Extremely Rare Blood is on the Road to Recovery

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Blood Donor Basics

Blood Donor Basics

Your health is important to us, and we want to help you maintain it.

Blood Donation FAQs

Hosting a Blood Drive

Your help as our community partner is essential to the blood supply.

Donation Methods

Donation Methods

Let your blood type lead the way to donate your powerful lifesaving gift.

Donation Methods

Share Your Story

Help your community understand the impact blood donation has.

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