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New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Tale of an accidental blood donor.

Last summer, I tested negative for covid. It turned out to be false. So, I wanted to get tested again, but the walk-in clinics were all full. Then I thought, why not try a blood bank?? When you donated blood, they tested for the antibodies for free.

Now, I had never given blood before, didn’t know my blood type or anything. I just thought to myself, “What the hell. Give Big Red Bus a try. I’ve never been on a big bus before, it’ll be really cool.”


What I found out next not only changed my life, but the lives of others. It turns out I have A- blood, which only 6% of the world has.

Even though I was struggling through the height of Covid, I’m a big believer in being kind. My bar was closed, I was worried for my staff, the musicians, and myself. The election was in full force, and people were at each other’s throats. I just wanted to do something nice.

So, I decided to donate platelets due to my blood type. For the last eleven months, I’ve been driving an hour every month, donating my blood and time. They kept track of my antibodies, which hadn’t changed since last July.

I don’t do it for the money or the glory. It’s just the right thing to do.

Last week I found out that I have a friend in Georgia. (We are not tight but one of her best friends is one of mine.) They have a beautiful daughter named Adalyn, a leukemia patient whose treatment involves platelets. I thought, “How cool would it be if my platelets make it up to Georgia to help her. If not mine, then someone else’s blood is making a difference in her life.”


Little did I know that me not wanting to wait in line would lead to making such a difference in people’s lives.

Adalyn, a leukemia patient whose treatment involves platelets

Feeling blessed and proud of myself, not for doing something that I should, but for continuing to do something special that saves people’s lives. How cool is that?? Sending love to all my friends out there.

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