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Celebration, Florida

I hail from India, an extremely diverse country with a population of 1.3 billion. As a graduate in biological/Biochemical science I completely understand the benefits of donating blood as well as the need for blood donors. In my country of origin, not many individuals are aware of the idea of blood donation. I always wanted to donate blood and tried to do whatever I could to give back to society. My parents are well educated but their conventional thoughts and emotional attachment towards me influenced their opinions of me donating the blood.


I moved to Dubai for work when I was 24 years old and that's when I first donated blood. I also took three of my friends to do the same and it felt amazing to help out and reach society in such a way. Upon telling my mom, she reprimanded me for donating blood. She was worried I might get certain infections due to using improper syringes and other malpractices. I felt my mom was a major contributor in bringing my life to this earth, I should listen to her advice about donating blood, unless next time I have proper reasoning to convince her.

I got married and moved to The United States of America. I'm very happy and living a blessed, blissful and romantic life with my partner. Now at 29 yrs old, I am mature and more confident in my beliefs and have given blood three times this year. I cannot tell you how good I feel to be able to do so. I feel incredible. I know that blood is sometimes desperately needed by individuals who have been in car accidents. I feel that people who need blood, whether they had a road accident or have a life threatening condition, should have easy access to it.

So let's start donating as much as we have the ability to give blood to those who need blood. I am strong today, I am stable today, I am happy, healthy and young with perfect biometrics, my blood is tobacco free, caffeine free, free of alcohol or any toxins. I do not have any reasons as of today that might prevent me from donating blood. So why not donate today? I'm waiting for my next appointment with the OneBlood already.

I would also like to thank Walt Disney World for hosting blood drives and making it easy for their employees to opt for such good deeds. Thank you so much OneBlood for giving me an opportunity to donate blood so easily and without any hassle. I love doing it and the feeling of giving back something to society, is a feeling that I will always look forward to. 

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