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Claire B.

Kingsland, Georgia

When Claire was 8 years old, her parents heard the heartbreaking words “Claire has Leukemia.” Claire didn’t know that Leukemia meant cancer and her parents immediately feared the worst.

Claire I am OneBlood September 2015

Within 48 hours of her diagnosis, Claire was admitted to the hospital for treatment. She had a central line put in and started the first of many rounds of chemotherapy. During the process it was discovered that Claire’s Leukemia had a genetic marker that made it even harder to treat, more likely to come back and presented only a 20% cure rate. At this point it was decided to treat her as aggressively as possible.

Claire fought hard to stay healthy but eventually the chemotherapy took its toll on her little body. During her treatment she received more than 60 blood and platelet transfusions and a bone marrow transplant. Watching the color come back to Claire’s face while receiving donated blood made her parents realize the huge role donors play in the recovery of cancer patients.

Claire remains grateful for her donors.

“Thank you for helping me fight cancer.”


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