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Orlando, Florida

It was a picture perfect moment. The Sorensen family gathered to celebrate Connor’s first birthday, the smallest premature baby ever born at Florida Hospital. “It’s really a milestone to go from 14 ounces to 10 pounds three ounces. It’s a miracle,” said Connor’s grandmother, Nancy Maguire.

Connor’s story has attracted media attention all over the country, and he has been labeled “The Miracle Baby.”


While he was in the hospital Connor received multiple blood transfusions. Thanks to blood donors Connor is able to celebrate his first birthday. “If it wasn’t for blood donors, Connor wouldn’t be here,” said Connor’s grandfather, Thomas Maguire.

Connor needed blood transfusions to replace loss from constant blood tests and surgeries. “When he had transfusions, it was just night and day. He woke up and was alert again. So we want to thank everybody out there that donates blood because he needed it and it really helped him get through some really tough times,” said Connor’s father, Erik.

Nicholas Wilson is the Sorensen’s neighbor and an Orange County firefighter. When he heard Connor was in need of blood donations, he stopped by a Oneblood donor center and donated for him. “You never know who is going to need it. People get in accidents all the time and a lot of people need it out there. It’s the best thing that you can do for somebody,” said Nicholas. 

After six months of intensive care and multiple surgeries, doctors gave Connor the okay to go home. Doctors say Connor will catch up in size by the time he is two years old.

“I get to look into those big blue eyes every day, see that smile and laugh with him, and every day that I get to spend with him is just a miracle,” said Connor’s mom, Holly.

The Sorensen family is thankful they get to celebrate the first of many birthdays to come. 

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