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Orlando, Florida

I have been very lucky and have lived most of my 32 years healthy and only in need of very basic medical care.

However, last year was a completely new experience for me.

Near the end of June, I went into the emergency room for sharp pains radiating in my abdomen. What they found was a mass on my pancreas and spleen the size of a potato.


I didn’t quite bounce back as they had hoped after my first surgery to remove the mass and I was in need of several units of blood to help my body in the healing process. A few months later I found myself once again in the hospital after my condition started to worsen. It was discovered that my left lung had collapsed and it was determined I would need a thoracotomy (a surgery where they go in through your back/ribcage in order to remove the fluid that had accumulated.)

Once again after not quite bouncing back, I was in need of blood once more. I lost count of how many times I was told, "look at you with color back in your cheeks." I wish I could say this was the end of my medical adventures, but sadly it was not, it was however the last time I received blood.

I will forever be grateful to those that have donated blood because of their kindness and selflessness. Blood transfusions contributed greatly to my recovery. You certainly never know what tomorrow brings and just because you’re healthy today and not in need of blood doesn’t mean you might not tomorrow. One day when I am able I will certainly be happy to return the kindness strangers showed me in this most amazing of gifts.

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