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The Kimball Family

Tampa Bay, Florida

The Kimball family is a team of lifesavers. The family of nine has been donating blood together for years and has helped save thousands of lives. “Some people go to the park and beach on their spare time. We go to the blood bank and donate,” said 17-year-old Rebecca Kimball.

Dale and Mary Kimball taught their children at an early age the importance of donating blood. “It’s better to give than to receive, so if we can give and help others, I think that is the best way to raise our children,” said Dale Kimball. 

The Kimball Family

“They are maturing into wonderful adults and they are understanding that they are part of humanity and they need to help in any way that they are able to,” said Mary Kimball.

Dale has donated more than 30 gallons of whole blood and platelets, and every time he stops by a OneBlood donor center, he makes sure to bring some company with him. “It’s an awesome feeling, and I can’t wait for all my younger siblings to donate because I’ve been coming to the blood bank with my dad since before I could even remember,” said 20-year-old Rosie Kimball. 

“We all used to kind of fight for the day, like, hey can we switch so I can go with him one day?” said 15-year-old Theresa Kimball. “I know blood saves lives. I am 10 years old, and I want to donate when I am 16,” said Rachel Kimball.

Dale’s role modeling inspired his children, Stephen, Rosie and Rebecca to become blood donors when they turned 16. “We have our own little donor group right here to help as many people as possible, and we have four more that haven’t become of age yet that will be able to start,” said Dale.  

Theresa Kimball is one of those four waiting to turn 16. “I’m definitely going to. I feel like it would be wrong for me not to. If I have a chance at saving someone’s life, I probably should take that chance,” said Theresa Kimball.

“When I come in here without some of my kids, the ladies here will say well how’s Steven? And how’s Rosie? And how’s Beca? It’s always like a little family situation,” said Dale Kimball. The Kimball family is the perfect example of how one family can pass on the tradition of donating blood from generation to generation. 

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