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Zoe L.

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Each bead on Zoe's necklaces represents a single step in her journey. A physical therapy session, a blood transfusion, a heart surgery - and then another. One more after that too. 

Each day she spent in the hospital is there in vivid color, chronicling a journey no parent could ever dream their child would travel. Zoe's 30 days spent in the NICU may not be part of her necklaces, but the memories and photos remain.

Zoe I am OneBlood April 2023

Zoe was born with a congenital heart defect called Double Outlet Right Ventricle. Her arteries did not connect to the correct areas of her heart, and there was a hole between two of the chambers.

Before Zoe was even 3 years old, three surgeries and more than nine blood transfusions were required to fix her tiny heart.

The transfusions gave Zoe the strength to undergo surgery by increasing her blood oxygen levels and red blood cell counts. They also made an impression on her dad, Tyler, by showing him just how important blood donation is.

Zoe I am OneBlood April 2023 Beaded Necklaces
“Due to the impact that someone else's blood made on Zoe, I want to give back and maybe do that for someone else."
-Tyler, Zoe's dad

Tyler has seen firsthand how important blood donation is, and how simple it is to provide this priceless gift to a patient in need. He shares his family’s story to let others know the difference they can make for people like his daughter.

Because someone else stepped up to donate blood, Zoe is now nearly 11 years old, with a whole heart and a whole life ahead of her.

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