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Our Service Area

We are committed to saving lives in your community.

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Earn Rewards

You get rewarded every time you donate with OneBlood.

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Message My Donor

It is now possible for blood donors to receive an anonymous message from the patient who received your donation through our Message My Donor Program. Although not every patient will choose to send a message, all you have to do is donate to potentially receive one of these heartfelt messages.

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How Does the Message 
My Donor Program Work?

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Message My Donor 

This program is anonymous. Donors will receive an email from OneBlood with the patient message inside the email.

Step 1

Blood units arrive at local hospitals with Message My Donor tags attached.

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Step 2

Patients visit the Message My Donor website to send a message to their blood donor.

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Step 3

The connection is made and the message typed by the patient is sent to the blood donor.

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“Even though the tag is anonymous, I think it’s really cool that the donor can be thanked for giving blood or platelets that are saving my life.”


Messages Donors Have Received

A simple act of kindness has the power to create a profound impact.

“Thank you for your donation! You have made a huge impact in my aunt's life. She has had a journey over the last year and still more to come, but I wanted to take the time to thank you for your time, donation, and assistance. Without you many lives could not go on.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your selfless act of love and care to donate platelets. I am a leukemia patient whose chemo treatment has tanked all my "good" blood counts. While my body is still trying to recover, it's thanks to angels like you who are keeping me alive, one bag at a time. God bless!!!”

Common Message My Donor Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Message My Donor.

Will Message My Donor Reveal the Patient's Identity?

No. A submission of a message through the Message My Donor website does not require or ask for any information that would identify the patient, their treatment, or the hospital they received the blood product(s) from.


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Will I Get a Message Each Time I Donate?

No. Not every donor will receive a message each time they donate. The program is optional for patients, so not every patient will send a message.

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Can the Blood Donor Send a Message Back to the Patient Who Sent Them a Message?

No. Due to the anonymous nature of Message My Donor, the blood donor receiving the message cannot send a message back to the patient.

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