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How To Target Type® B+

B+ Target Your Type March 30, 2022

B Positive

B+ is a rare blood type that holds tremendous power. Only 8% of the population has B+ blood. B+ blood donors have two ways of targeting the power of their donation.

The most preferred donation method is to donate platelets. Platelets can be donated as often as every seven days and up to 24 times a year. Platelets are in high demand by hospitals and often help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Red blood cells from B+ donors also hold lifesaving power. Depending on hospital demand, a OneBlood phlebotomist will advise if a whole blood donation is preferred.

Preferred Donation Method(s):

Platelet Donation Whole Blood Donation

The Power of B+

Percentage of Population:


Blood Types you Can Receive:

B-, B+, O-, O+

Patients Who Can Receive Your Red Cells:

B+, AB+

Patients Who Can Receive Your Platelets:

B+, O+

Patients Who Can Receive Your Plasma:

B-, B+, O-, O+

Target Your Type®


How You Can Help

Blood Donor Basics

Blood Donor Basics

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Blood Donation FAQs

Hosting a Blood Drive

Your help as our community partner is essential to the blood supply.

Donation Methods

Donation Methods

Let your blood type lead the way to donate your powerful lifesaving gift.

Donation Methods

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